Salmon fishing rules

Fishing instructions of a fisherman

General provisions

1. This brochure is developed in accordance with Federal law date from 24.04.1995 № 52 – FL «About animal world» (with amendments), Federal law date from 20.12.2004 № 166 – FL «About fishing and maintenance of aquatic biological resources», Rules of fishing in the territory of Northern Fishing Basin of the Russian Federation dated 28.04.2007 № 245 and other legal acts and normative documents of the Russian Federation regarding Recreational and sport fishing.
2. Recreational and sport fishing can be performed with further returning caught fish back to the water before it starts experiencing serious exhaustion or injury (“catch and release” practice), or with keeping the fish for personal consumption (“catch and take” practice).
3. When performing recreational and sport fishing within specially provided fishing locations fisherman MUST have license for fishing (permission, rout sheet), passport or another document of this kind to identify personality of a fisherman.

General terms of fishing

Norms of obtaining and using license

1. Issue of license to a fisherman is carried out in specially arranged Points of issue on fisherman’s presentation of passport or another document of this kind.
2. Fishermen are OBLIGED to obtain license before they start fishing and register it at the point of issue by putting the record into fishing journal. Person responsible for issuing license makes following notes in the license: registration number, corresponding to the data number of the record in fishing journal, surname, first name of user, name of location and river/lake, time and date of fishing period, date of issue, type and amount of fish for catch, and signature of person responsible for issue of license.
3. During fishing (on the location) fisherman MUST have the license and passport and be ready to show these documents to authorized person at request.
It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to be in the water with fishing gear and/or catch fish with no license or passport or other documents for identification.
4. During fishing fishermen MUST obey the rules and conditions of fishing given in license, such as: period/ time of fishing, limits of fishing location, quantity of fish per license, type of fishing equipment etc. Fishermen MUST stop fishing as soon as he manages to fulfill conditions of license (i.e. at the expiry of license).
4.1. User has right to choose place, date, period, time, and method of fishing within the limits of fishing period and location.
5. After each catch fishermen MUST make following notes in the license: the date, time of catch, type and weight of fish, in case there is no catch fishermen makes note “no catch”.
6. After the fishing fishermen MUST return license together with notes to the point of issue to register the results of fishing. In case there is no point of issue on the location fisherman MUST produce this license to the point where it was obtained in 3-day period. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to leave fishing location without making record of catch in the license.
7. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to pass one’s license to another person, to break the limits of fishing location, to fish in different period/date/time than allowed by license and by fishing rules.
8. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to damage plants and vegetation, light a campfire in inappropriate place (there are specially arranged fire-places in the location), leave household refuse on the ground and/or in water, set tents and leave cars in inappropriate places.
9. It is FORBIDDEN to fish from moving vessels.
10. Gross violation of fishing rules, norms and regulations will lead to the loss of fishing license for one year period. People responsible for breaking these Regulations will be punished in accordance with Russian legislation.

Norms and regulations for “catch and take” practice

1. Fisherman MUST stick to GENERAL TERMS OF FISHING.
2. This section is developed in accordance with “Fishing norms and regulations for Murmansk region” and other Federal laws of Russian Federation.
3. It is allowed to catch fish in specially indicated areas (locations) only after obtaining fishing license. Catch and release practice can be performed ONLY with following type of fishing gear:
– Spinning reel, fly rod with artificial lures or flies;
– It is FORBIDDEN to use natural (organic) baits;
– It is FORBIDDEN to use fishing gear and gadgets which are not allowed/mentioned by the regulations and prohibited by the law. (i.e. to use gear with 2 or more hooks, to place self-catching tackle);
4. Norms of obtaining and using fishing license:
– Lost/unused license is not renewed; its cost/value is not compensated. It is not allowed to make any changes in the license;
– Fisherman should put his signature in license to confirm his awareness of the rules;
– Registered license is returned to fisherman and the next one is issued;
– User can have up to 3 license at one and the same in one week period. New license can only be issued after the old ones registered in the point of their issue;
– It is FORBIDDEN to continue fishing after fish is caught without making notes in the license about the results of the fishing;

Norms and regulations for “catch and release” practice

1. Fisherman MUST stick to GENERAL TERMS OF FISHING.
Recreational and sport fishing can be performed ONLY with following type of fishing gear:
– fly fishing and spin, equipped with an artificial fly or spoon;
– it is important that fishermen use appropriate gear for their target fish;
3. Before fishing starts the leader of the group should coordinate delivery of license, time, date, and location etc with person responsible for delivery of license.
4. Recreational and sport fishing means that all fish MUST be returned into its natural habitat without damages, which can lead to its death. Therefore fisherman MUST stick to the following REQUIREMENTS:
4.1. Fish MUST be returned into the water within 1 minute after it has been caught. If you want to take a photo – do it quickly!
4.2. Fisherman MUST take all possible measures to minimize damage/harmful effect which can lead to death of a fish.
4.3. It is recommended to use rod, reel, and line of sufficient strength to quickly land the fish—Long struggles may significantly increase mortality rate.
4.4. Land the fish only if necessary. Do not pull fish or damage its lateral line. Avoid allowing a fish to thrash around on shore or in the boat.. In fact large fish should really never be removed from the water if you intend to release them.
4.5. Use wet hands or wet gloves reduce loss of a fish’s protective mucus.
Fisherman MUST take fish simultaneously by its belly minimum it 10 cm from its tail fin.
4.6. Remove the hooks carefully! Fisherman MUST use special gadgets for fast extraction of a hook. It is FORBIDDEN to “tear” a hook if it does not leave freely, cut off the lead as close a mouth of fish as possible.
4.7. To release a fish it is highly recommended to hold its head against the stream of the river until the fish goes out of hands.
5. It is strictly forbidden to take out of the water all kinds of biological resources.