Глухарь / wood grouseFor caring people to hunt with the beginning of autumn comes the long-awaited go.
The local forests are rich upland bird: grouse, grouse, partridges. Anyone can use the services of two tracked vehicles. Closer to winter, a period of hunting for elk and deer.
On the basis there are four snowmobile and sled, which quickly and comfortably deliver the company of friends to the hunting area.
Hunting on the Kola Peninsula – is a serious event for real men! About licenses you do not need to worry: this nuance is included in the tour price.

The tours period: from August 1th to May 5th

Accommodation in separate comfortable cabins, 2 person (heating stove), toilet on the street (warm), sauna, meals in the dining room.

Approximate itinerary
The tour is planned individually for the band!

Day 1 – Meeting at the airport of Murmansk and Apatity.
Transfer to the base Snowmobile Lapp sleigh (65 kilometers).
Dinner. Bath.

Days 2-4 – Breakfast. Hunting. Lunch Time. Hunting. Bath. Dinner.
Chef preparing food. The main products are included in the tour price.
Delicacies, alcohol purchased on their own, in its sole discretion.Охота на лося / Hunting for moose

Day 5 – Breakfast. Hunting. Collect. Lunch Time. Airport Shuttle in Murmansk or Apatity.

The cost of the tour is 10 000 rubles per person per day.
Day of arrival-departure is one day.
The minimum group – 6 people.

For a more comfortable stay is recommended to have a personal snowmobile.
Rent a snowmobile – as agreed.

Tour bookings made on a prepaid basis.