Winter tour

Зимняя рыбалка на ПанеThe camping site Pan is a perfect place for lovers of winter fishing. In strong frostly winter months the Pan river is covered with ice. But this doesn’t mean the end of fishing season. Large (up to 1,5 kg) graylings, pikes and salmon are actively caught on spinner from ice of the river the whole winter. Effective fishing for bull troat, graylings, perches, pikes is always waiting for you on the nearby lakes.

Winter tour from 5th of December till 5th of May

Accomodation in double cottages (heating – wood), sauna, meals in dining room.

Tour program

Day 1. Meeting in airport. Transfer to the base with snowmobiles (65 km). Evening meal. Sauna.

Days 2 – 4. Breakfast. Fishing. Dinner. Fishing. Sauna. Evening meal.

Day 5. Breakfast. Fishing. Departure preparing. Dinner. Transfer to airport.

Places of fishing will be changed periodically.

Meal by a cook, price is included to the common tour price excluding deliсacies and alcohol.

Price of tour

10 000 rubles (person, a day).

Minimal group – 6 persons.

Rent of snowmobile 10 000 rubles a day.

Tour booking by advance payment.

For booking and advices contact us.