Base “Pana”

Fishing on Pana: catch a fish of your dream

The base “Pana” (Kola Peninsula, Murmansk region)

Рыба мечтыOffers lovers of outdoor activities – fishing and hunting in Pana river (tributary riv.Varzuga).

Pana River – tributary Varzuga river- derives from a system of lakes and marshes south of Lovozero. The general direction of the river to the south-east. In the upper reaches of Pana runs through the four lakes. From the 3rd to the mouth of Lake Pana about 90 km. Lower Panskoe Lake – the largest in the Pana area, a length of about 3 km. With him begins the territory Varzuga fishery reserve. On the set of Pana river shoals and small rapids, interspersed with wide stretches and quiet. Major tributaries Polisarka, Indel` – right, black, Purumuay – left. Pana width at the mouth of about 100 m

The main types of fish:

Salmon, on average, 7.3 kg, but the number will surprise you!

Base location

WARNING! Allowed only fishing licenses within the license area of fishing. Licenses are available for buying at the base (affordable prices).

Accommodation: comfortable accommodation for two people. Each house has a bathroom, shower, heating – wood.

Meals: full cost of meals is included in the ticket (with the exception of delicacies and alcohol).

Look at the schedule of tours so that you can plan your rest at our base.